Coba (Archaeology)

Coba is located around two lagoons. A series of elevated stone and plaster roads radiate from the central site to various smaller sites. These are known by the Maya term “sacabe” A number of longer sacbe, radiate out from Coba to other Maya sites in the area The site contains several large temple pyramids, the tallest, known as Nohoch Mul, over 126 feet in height. Coba is estimated to have had some 50,000 inhabitants at its peak of civilization. It  remained an important site in the Post-Classic era and new temples were built and old ones kept in repair as late as the arrival of the Spanish. Coba traded extensively with other Mayan communities, particularly the ones further along the Caribbean coast as far south as Belize and Hondusras and utilized the ports of Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Tasnkah and Tulum.



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