Aktun Chen
The main cave of three, over 600 yards long and with a magnificent vault, allows an easy walking tour with paths and indirect lighting. stalactites, stalagmites and a crystal-clear cenote 40 feet deep. Many stalactites are hollow and at the touch of a finger, they ping like a tuning fork.  
Chankanab Lagoon Park is connected to the sea by a series of tunnels and caves. There are three caves along the shoreline; large underground caverns filled with colorful tropical fish. Steps provide easy access into the water. For the fully certified cave diver, the systems of  both Cozumel and Akumal offer unparalleled cave diving.  
A breathtaking underground cenote. Swim under a high-dome ceiling with just enough opening to let in a ray of sun and dangling green vines. The labyrinth of blue water makes it a true spelunkers paradise.
El Jacinto Pat 
This highly decorated, virgin underwater cave system was discovered by spelunkers  in 1996, it's the longest underwater system in the world with over 195,000 feet of explored  passages. The endless passageways are accessible through a myriad of cenotes found the in the thick Mayan jungle.
Ik Kil
Surrounded by exotic plants, flowers and lush vegetation, the blue cenote  (cenotes are deep water filled sinkholes formed by water percolating through the soft limestone above) offers a cool and refreshing place to relax and swim. It is located 82 feet below the surface with an opening to the sky.
A labyrinth of tunnels and caverns, filled with spectacular stalagmites, stalactites and artifacts revealing human occupation. Hieroglyphic inscriptions and carvings of flowers on the walls are estimated to be some 1,000 years old.
In Chichen-Itza, this sacred well was used for human sacrifices to the rain god, Chaac. Archaeologists have found ceramics, a fortune in jade pieces and gold discs, copal and woven cloth as offerings.


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