Diving and Snorkeling
akumal Akumal
The coral reefs have created a protected bay, perfect for snorkeling. Great shallow and deep sites for scuba diving are only a short boat ride away. There are almost 30 different dive sites in this region ranging from 30-130 feet with incredibly clear waters and abundant marine life, as well as cave and cavern diving.
banco-chinchorro Banco Chinchorro
A 30-mile long atoll, as wide as 9 miles at certain points, and surrounded by a barrier reef. There are thousands of reefs inside the main reef with over two hundred shipwrecks. Outside the barrier reef, on the leeward side are walls, slopes and canyons of coral reef.  
cozumel Cozumel
Mexico's dive capital and one of the world's premier dive destinations. Cozumel was made a National Underwater Nature Reserve in 1972. The entire area is alive with marine life and the clear waters allow outstanding photographs.
isla-mujeres Isla Mujeres
The cave of the sleeping sharks was first discovered by a lobster diver, then filmed by Jacques Cousteau and his crew. Great snorkeling and the two km. long coral reef called "manchones", at a depth of 15 meters, is one of the best dive sites for all level divers. Full of many schools of colorful tropical fish and corals, as well as many other marine animals.
paalmul Paalmul 
Do you want more adventure? Try night diving! Paamul is very close to the reef and described as the easiest diving in the Playa del Carmen area. Dive sites:  Paamul mini-wall, Paraiso shallow and Horst’s Reef. The adventurous can try night diving or cavern diving in cenotes.
puerto-morelos Puerto Morelos
A laid-back Caribbean village, a wide reef lies just offshore. The underwater gardens abound with magnificent colors of fish and corals. Several snorkel/dive shops are located around the main plaza or you can go on your own.
xel-ha Xel-Ha
In this National Park you can snorkel right up to the fish that take refuge in the crystal clear series of cenotes and lagoons.


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