Chichen Itza  This pre-Hispanic city was declared a world heritage site in 1988. This tour includes round trip transportation in a deluxe vehicle, guide service, entrance fee to the archaeological park and buffet lunch. This tour also offers free use of the Hotel Mayaland's facilities: pool, towels and lounge chairs.
merida_uxmal_light_sound Uxmal Light And Sound Show   Considered the most beautiful of Puuc architecture. Elegant proportions and intricately detailed building exteriors of cut stones assembled in geometric patterns. Classic period 250-900 A.D.  Declared a world heritage site in 1996. archaeology
merida-tours-merida-city Merida City Tour The city's own palm-lined version of Paris' Champs Elysees is lined with imposing mansions built a century ago to reflect French styles and taste. Founded by Francisco Montejo y Leon in 1542 on the ancient Mayan city of T'ho. The tour includes the Municipal Palace, the Casa de Montejo with its ornate facade and 16th-, 17th, and 18th-century churches. code_culturecode_sightsee3
merida_tours_celestun_flamingos Celestun Flamingos One of the world's largest nesting grounds for the Pink Flamingo.A visit to the Petrified Peten Forest & a swim to refresh yourself. Tour includes lunch at a local seafood restaurant. You will have time to enjoy the village of Celestun code_ecology

Dzibichaltun and Progreso, Uaymitun  Dzibichaltum had more than 40,000 inhabitants and the most famous pyramid is the Temple of Seven Dolls. There is a beautiful cenote called Xlacah nearby.  Progreso is the main port of the State of Yucatan. Palm trees line the beach, as do local bars, cantinas, and fresh seafood restaurants with an ocean view. At Uaymitun there is a lookout tower that is right next to the road to see the flamingos.

merida_tours_loltun Loltun Caves and the Puuc Route:  Loltun has stone columns which, when struck, produce different musical tones. There is easy access and good illumination. Labna: This arch was the entrance and exit to the city. The 67 room structure has two levels. Sayil: The palace is a magnificent 3-tiered building over 250 feet long. Xlapak: There is a one story, nine room building with large Chaac masks on all the corners.   code_adventurecode_culturearchaeology
merida-tours-izamal Izamal  Known as the "Yellow City", the convent of St. Antonio was erected on top of the ruins and the Basilica was built on the base of the largest of four main pyramids. Transportation, guide, carriage ride.  archaeologycode_culture

Cuzama is becoming well known for the large number of cenotes found there. The 1st leg of this tour is to the Hacienda Echnakan with its amazing gothic church. Then to Hacienda Chuncanan to board “trucks” that are little cars pulled by horses. Travel interesting paths through the surrounding countryside to visit three Cenotes (underground freshwater swimming holes that are wells of fresh water created by erosion of soft and porous limestone). You will have time for a refreshing swim in these transparent waters.

merida_Sotuta-de-Peon1 Sotuta de Peon is a working hacienda that offers an opportunity to see how henequen is processed to become twine, rope or burlap bags. You will visit the impressive main house with its extravagant lifestyle, the Mayan house, the plantations, and the machine house with its small museum. You will then have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear cenote or in the swimming pool. There is a restaurant for lunch. code_culturecode_wateractivities



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