Wild Bird Refuge
3% of the island is developed and civilization has not intruded into natural habitats. At dawn you’re likely to see flocks of small multihued parrots, blue warblers, macaws and spindly-legged white egrets.  This  island is home to eight native bird species and sub-species,  vireo bairdi and toxistoma guttatum (extinct?) are unique to this island.


El Eden
Over 200 different species of birds have been identified within four habitats located at the reserve; tropical, forest, lagoons and savanna. Among the local animals are the spider monkey, jaguar, cougar, deer, and ocelot. Founded in 1990 by conservationists and scientists, it is the first privately owned protected area dedicated to research in biological conservation in Mexico.
Isla Contoy
It was declared a National wildlife reserve in 1961 and is considered the most important nesting place of sea birds in the Mexican Caribbean. There are more then a hundred migrating and resident bird species, the most common are the frigate, the brown pelican and the double-crested cormorant. Isla Contoy is also a safe nesting place for Sea Turtles.
Puerto Morelos Botanical Garden 
A good birding location within easy access from Cancun  in the middle of two eco-systems; the mangroves and the coral reefs just offshore. This is a habitat with mammals, reptiles and tropical fish. There are at least 475 bird species and 1,200 different plant species, including 150 different verities of orchids.
Sian Ka'an
Sian Ka'an provides refuge for thousands of species of plants and animals.  Sian Ka'an is certainly well worth a visit by birdwatchers, the 345 species represents 33% of all species identified for the entire country of Mexico. Of particular note is the Black Catbird (Melanoptila glabrirostris). Declared a world heritage site in 1987.
Yum Balam
The reserve of Yum Balam includes jungle, savannas, mangroves and natural lagoons, rare plants and endangered animal species. This variety of eco-systems harbors manatees, crocodiles, dolphins and pink flamingos.
Xcaret Bird Sanctuary 
One of the ambitious projects of Xcaret is the raising and reproduction of Guacamayas. These birds are in danger of extension. Today they can only be found in the wild in Chiapas. Another ambitious project is the breeding and raising of the 5 different kinds of flamingos found on the Yucatan peninsula

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